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Philippines • Mount Apo

Philippines • Mount Apo

Origin: Davao del Sur, Philippines

Process: Natural

Tasting Notes: Cherry Cordial • Velvety • Brown Sugar

While the Philippines has been a large-scale coffee producing country in the past, over the decades its coffee export volume has fallen off considerably. The specialty coffee industry, in particular, has lagged in the Philippines, but efforts are underway to change that. Opo strives to be a part of the change! This is the most expensive coffee we've sourced, but we think the investment in the Philippine specialty coffee industry and their producers is worth it. The more global investment in their crop, the more investment in their infrastructure, and the better their infrastructure, the quicker they can scale with consistency and export specialty coffee more efficiently.

We are excited to partner with New Orleans Coffee Imports on this new offering that comes from the BACOFA cooperative in Davao del Sur. Coffee farms dot the surrounding area of Mount Apo ("apo" meaning elder, or grandfather), a dormant volcano that is the highest peak of the Philippines. This co-op consists of 150+ farmers and provides access to training and research, marketing assistance, and a shared processing center with equipment that would otherwise be difficult for farmers to access. Members of BACOFA have stated that they previously experienced food insecurity, but now have funds for building homes, sending children to school and saving. This is exactly the kind of positive impact that Opo looks to take part in around the world.

Mount Apo is clean and sweet in your cup. The natural processing method gives this coffee a very prominent strawberry fragrance when it is ground, and when brewed it gives way to syrupy sweetness that brings to mind cherry cordial.

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